Project Harden
Social Campaign

Role: Designer
Graphics, Motion Design, Video Editing

Project Harden is a platform based Instagram concept that was developed for James Harden's Vol. 1 shoe for Adidas. Three months before the official release of the shoe my team was involved in concepting and creating hype for its release by teasing out the shoe to a community of super fans. The visual language was glitchy, kinetic, and hard-edged aligning with not only Adidas's new positioning around creativity and the creator mindset but also Harden's dynamic, disruptive, and unpredictable nature himself. During this period content on the @projectharden profile page refreshed completely each week, a unique deviation from the standard Instagram experience breaking from conventional storytelling narrative. The channel gained +50k followers and had an engagement rate of 1 in 5 fans participating in dialogue driven CTAs.

The campaign was recognized with several awards including a Shorty Award win for Best Use of Platform (on Instagram) as well as a Silver Clio Award for Single Platform Campaign in Social Media.

Sizzle Reel

Phase One - Teaser Posts

GIFs for Web Experience

Masthead Graphic

Phase Two - Reveal Posts
Creative Direction/James Robinson & Pat McCaren
Art Direction/Billy Lymm
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