Made with Code
Social Campaign, 2016/17

Project Role: Designer
Graphics, Concepts, Art Direction, Motion Design, Video Editing

In an effort to shrink the gender gap in the Computer Science & STEM industry Google started Made with Code. The organization focuses on sparking & sustaining teen girls’ interest in these fields. In fact, 76% of girls express an interest in STEM education in high school yet only 0.3% of them pursue a field in these subjects through college. With Google my team and I worked to create content on a monthly basis to inspire the many ways in which code aligns with teens everyday interests and hobbies, such as: fashion, art, gaming, social causes, and music in which examples of wearables, animation, electronics, robotics, and digital arts were some of the resulting output. Another feature of Made with Code is collaborative campaigns with media representing strong female leads in which we created digital content in support of major motion pictures like Hidden Figures and Wonder Woman. 

Hidden Figures Collab

Monthly Social Content for Instagram and Twitter

Passion Project Content for Social

Themed Phone Wallpaper Freebie
Creative Direction/Kimi Peterson, Tian Mullholland
Art Direction Lead/Heather Kenney, Laura Trimmel
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