Nike Running Keeping Track

Editorial social series

Project Run Fearless


Nike Run Fearless Social Campaign

Welcome to Project: Run Fearless. Our ongoing mission is to keep runners running by providing them the tools to stay healthy. Nike believes that humans have the potential to achieve anything however in order to do so preventing potential setbacks is key. Each year, runners are sidelined by injury, preventing them from reaching their goals. How do we fix this? Of course, an important factor in preventing injury is staying healthy and running smart. Studies have shown runners who follow a variable training program, which is all about mixing up your routine with speed and track workouts; intervals; long, slow distance runs, and recovery runs.

Developing a mantra and healthy self-talk can get you back on the path to greatness by getting you through your toughest moments. The Nike Run Club app helps runners though these lows with the help of in-app Audio Guided Runs that help to deliver the motivation and inspiration you need to mix it up and keep going.

Run Smart. Run Fearless.

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Nike Sustainability Social Campaign

MOVE TO ZERO is Nike’s journey toward zero carbon and zero waste to help protect the future of sport. Nike believes that collective action starts with collective education and that a carbon neutral norm is possible, if we all work together. The MOVE TO ZERO collection is created from sustainable materials made with at least 50% recycled content, and shoes with the same label are made with at least 20% recycled content by weight. 

In supporting this initiative, our weekly editorial running story “Keeping Track” featured Nike’s collaboration with the UN and their “Act Now” campaign by providing an educational interactive story using native features within Instagram to quiz and bring awareness to viewers on global warming and sustainability methods.

Role // Story Concept, Art Direction, Visual Direction, Design Execution, Motion, Copy Editing

You Can’t Stop the Run 10M km Challenge


Summer Social Campaign

Challenges in the Nike Run Club App are a fun, competitive, and creative way to push yourself to both become a better runner and maintain your training. The You Can’t Stop the Run 10 Million Kilometer Challenge (or 6,213,712 miles) was a community summer run challenge developed as a way to help runners regain a lost sense of community that they had been longing for since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The challenge itself, was to run 10,000,000 km as a collective virtual global team within the month of August during 2020. Easy enough right?

By registering to join the challenge in the NRC App, your run of any distance—whether running on the road, trails, or treadmill, every mile counted and was tabulated to add to the collective global team miles. Each participant received an exclusive 10 Million Kilometer Challenge badge added to their NRC personal achievements trophy case as a memento for participating. Spoiler alert: we reached the challenge and exceeded the 10 million mark by a few extra hundred-thousand miles.

Now get running!

Role // Story Concept, Art Direction, Visual Direction, Design Execution, Animation & Motion, Copy Editing